Friday, December 25, 2009

GoodBye Vic Chesnutt

The songwriter king is officially announced dead on 12.25.2009. As reported by SF Examiner, Chesnutt could not make it after going into coma state as a result of his suicide attempt and in a few hours he was dead. 

Vic Chesnutt’s life was a compilation of tragedies and successfull song creations. He was crashed by a car at 18, which left him wheelchaired fort he rest of his life. And as he had health insurance, which covered very less of his health problems, he was in debt to the hospitals for most of his life. The irony was, that his songs were covered by REM, Madonna, etc in the Sweet Relief event which was made for the benefit of musicians without health care, but he could not benefit from Sweet Relief, as he had Health Care insurance. So he had to struggle all his life, against his handicaps and the hospitals that sue him for payments.

But on the other hand,as a songwriter he was godlike for many musicians that we know,including REM’s Michael Stipe and The Smashing Pumpkins. After his short life of 45 years,he has left us thirteen albums, many countless songs,and a sweet melody for our ears,reminding us of our mortality. Allthough he was genred as alternative-country,he himself did not want to be categorized as anything, telling that he loves to surprise listeners with every song he wrote.

He will be remembered as a great songwriter, and we will be sorry to loose another great musician.